Molecular Gastronomy of Carrageenan and Kappa Carrageenan

Molecular Gastronomy of Carrageenan and Kappa Carrageenan

Carrageenan basically speaks about any linear sulfated polysaccharide obtained from the extracts of the red algae. The derivative of the seaweed is categorized as kappa, iota and lambda.  It is also a common ingredient found in many foods.

It also serves a number of purposes like thickening, binding, gelling, stabilizing and emulsifying. Carrageenan is also found in salad dressing, ice cream, pudding, cheese and many other food items.  Since it gels well with milk proteins, it is used with a lot of dairy products.

Apart from the above mentioned foods, it also interacts well with common ingredients found in your kitchen and gives a delicious taste and smooth texture and blends really well without affecting the flavour.

Also, it is available in powder form which is easily absorbed in liquid before it is used. Its powder form is sprinkled over cold liquid and mixed well to dissolve, though it melts easily with hot liquids too.

Once it gets blended properly, heat the cold solution to minimum 70 degree Celsius or 158 degree Fahrenheit to initiate the Carrageenan properties. The gelling will start once the solution cools down to 60 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. If the solution is using water .2% of Carrageenan is ideal for use, while solutions using milk require .5% of the extract of seaweed.

Kappa Carrageenan

This variety interacts well with milk and many other dairy products. As it is derived from seaweed, it is a vegan and serves the purpose of traditional gelling like gelatine.

Kappa is used in different cooking preparations like cold gels, jelly toppings, hot gels, breads, pastries and cakes. When it is used in preparations of molecular gastronomy and other recipes, it should be thoroughly dissolved in cold liquid with absorption ranging from

0.5% – soft gels

05%-2% for firm gels

It is thermo reversible and the gel stays stable only up to 70 degree Celsius and if the temperature exceeds this range the gel melts back to form liquid again.

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Cheats and Answers For Pictoword Game

Cheats and Answers For Pictoword Game

Another exciting puzzle app game for the Android and iOS devices from Kooapps is here. This new word guessing puzzle game i.e. Pictoword is not only addictive but also entertaining. It can keep the players engrossed for long hours.

Game Objective

The objective of this game is to guess the right word by combining a series of pictures that is shown on the mobile screen. For example, if you are shown a picture of a ‘web’ and another picture of a ‘mail’, you can combine the words of the two images to get the new word ‘webmail’. Though the game may sound easy to play it gets tricky as one progress through various levels.

Solve the Puzzle with Pictoword Answers

In order to help mobile gamers out there, a sort of a guide like Pictoword Answers can help the gamers to cross each level very easily. The guide provides a list of all correct answers for all levels. For example, let’s take a look at the answers to the puzzles for Classic Level theme package.

On the other hand, there are some cheats that can help players to guess the right word. The cheat for this puzzle game works fine on the Android and iOS devices. Players just need to use the cheat codes correctly in order to get an unlimited amount of coins which can help to unlock themes or get more coins.

What Makes Pictoword Different From Other Word Games?

It is brain teaser game that can leave young players and even lexicographers scratch their head in order to find the right answer. It has a variety of theme packages like TV shows, Celebrities, Historical Places, Food, etc, to choose from. It tests the knowledge of the players of unscrambling words from pictures or the words from their favorite movies.

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Make the Best Use of Online Gift Card Code Generator Tools

Make the Best Use of Online Gift Card Code Generator Tools

What if you get the ability to purchase anything from Amazon and that too without spending a dime for those products? Won’t that be great? If you are a regular shopper, you will know that you can use free Amazon gift cards in order to save some extra bucks while shopping for products. This is the reason why many people are searching for ways that can help them to get Amazon gift cards which can aid them to get various products from the store without spending much. While the Amazon gift cards are needed to be obtained by paying the amount of the gift card, but with the help of online generator tools gift cards can be obtained for free.

Amazon gift card generator is a program that generates free Amazon gift card codes which can be redeemed for a user’s account. Many people often come with the question is the tools really effective. Well, they are 100% effective and safe to use. The Amazon gift card code generator can generate Amazon gift card codes at any point of time. The best part of the gift cards is that it does not have an expiry date.

How to Use Free Amazon Gift Cards?

Well, you have acquired some free Amazon gift card codes which need to be applied to the respective accounts. While many of you may be well acquainted with the art of redeeming free codes; however, if you don’t know it then go through rest of the blog.

  • First of all, you will need to log in to your account on Amazon.
  • Then you will need to go to the account base. Once you are on your account page, you will need to search for the option “Apply gift card to your account”.
  • Then, you will need to enter your codes and click on the Apply button.
  • If the code works it gets reflected on your account balance.
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Basic Wishlist for the Sims 5 Video Game

Basic Wishlist for the Sims 5 Video Game

One of the striking changes that players got to see in the Sims 4 game is the build/buy feature that allowed them to create amazing houses, parks, and neighborhood buildings.

The Sims 4 has been a big disappointment to players, yet they are giving their attention to the new installment of the game, i.e. Sims 5 which is expected to be released in 2019. As a result, fans are expecting that Sims 5 should come with some added features. With no further ado, here is a list of 4 things that fans want to see in the Sims 5.

Toddler Stage     

Including the toddler stage within the life stimulation game is expected in Sims 5. In the previous version of the game installments, players were able to raise children through various stages of life. This feature can be introduced in the game through the expansion pack.

Cars/ Motorcycles

Another important thing within the wishlist of players is the inclusion of various modes of transportation. This feature can be easily added in the game with an automobile expansion pack that can come with the game if the developer wants.

Customizing Hairstyle

While in Sims 3, players were able to edit specific details of a Sim’s face and body, but with Sims 4 customizing the looks became more accurate. Players could easily customize with new styles of hair but it was limited to colors. Thus, fans of this game are expecting to have more freedom to customize hairstyle of the Sims.  They are looking forward with the ability to change the lengths of the hair or create own styles for the Sims.

Better Time Accuracy

As in the Sims game, every second amounts to a minute of time; which is good for the flow of the game. As it takes a lot of time to do basic things, thereby it prevents the Sims to have a social life. It is expected that the Sims 5 will look into this point.

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