Basic Wishlist for the Sims 5 Video Game

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Basic Wishlist for the Sims 5 Video Game

One of the striking changes that players got to see in the Sims 4 game is the build/buy feature that allowed them to create amazing houses, parks, and neighborhood buildings.

The Sims 4 has been a big disappointment to players, yet they are giving their attention to the new installment of the game, i.e. Sims 5 which is expected to be released in 2019. As a result, fans are expecting that Sims 5 should come with some added features. With no further ado, here is a list of 4 things that fans want to see in the Sims 5.

Toddler Stage     

Including the toddler stage within the life stimulation game is expected in Sims 5. In the previous version of the game installments, players were able to raise children through various stages of life. This feature can be introduced in the game through the expansion pack.

Cars/ Motorcycles

Another important thing within the wishlist of players is the inclusion of various modes of transportation. This feature can be easily added in the game with an automobile expansion pack that can come with the game if the developer wants.

Customizing Hairstyle

While in Sims 3, players were able to edit specific details of a Sim’s face and body, but with Sims 4 customizing the looks became more accurate. Players could easily customize with new styles of hair but it was limited to colors. Thus, fans of this game are expecting to have more freedom to customize hairstyle of the Sims.  They are looking forward with the ability to change the lengths of the hair or create own styles for the Sims.

Better Time Accuracy

As in the Sims game, every second amounts to a minute of time; which is good for the flow of the game. As it takes a lot of time to do basic things, thereby it prevents the Sims to have a social life. It is expected that the Sims 5 will look into this point.