Cheats and Answers For Pictoword Game

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Cheats and Answers For Pictoword Game

Another exciting puzzle app game for the Android and iOS devices from Kooapps is here. This new word guessing puzzle game i.e. Pictoword is not only addictive but also entertaining. It can keep the players engrossed for long hours.

Game Objective

The objective of this game is to guess the right word by combining a series of pictures that is shown on the mobile screen. For example, if you are shown a picture of a ‘web’ and another picture of a ‘mail’, you can combine the words of the two images to get the new word ‘webmail’. Though the game may sound easy to play it gets tricky as one progress through various levels.

Solve the Puzzle with Pictoword Answers

In order to help mobile gamers out there, a sort of a guide like Pictoword Answers can help the gamers to cross each level very easily. The guide provides a list of all correct answers for all levels. For example, let’s take a look at the answers to the puzzles for Classic Level theme package.

On the other hand, there are some cheats that can help players to guess the right word. The cheat for this puzzle game works fine on the Android and iOS devices. Players just need to use the cheat codes correctly in order to get an unlimited amount of coins which can help to unlock themes or get more coins.

What Makes Pictoword Different From Other Word Games?

It is brain teaser game that can leave young players and even lexicographers scratch their head in order to find the right answer. It has a variety of theme packages like TV shows, Celebrities, Historical Places, Food, etc, to choose from. It tests the knowledge of the players of unscrambling words from pictures or the words from their favorite movies.